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Blippi Makes Fruit Popsicles! | Learn Healthy Eating For Children | Educational Videos for Toddlers

SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week! ► Blippi Learns about fruits and healthy eating at Mom & Pop Shop in Costa Mesa, California! Blippi makes natural fruit popsicles for kids. Blippi learns and teaches healthy eating for children and toddlers. This Blippi episode for kids is a great way for your children to learn things like – Healthy living – learning colors – learn to count and more!. Blippi makes educational videos for children where he […]

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Debunk Your "Healthy" Eating w/ Surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry | Maria Menounos

ORIGINALLY RECORDED ON JUN 12, 2018 What do leukemia, IBS, male pattern baldness, and anxiety all have in common? Dr. Steven Gundry’s “Plant Paradox” program can cure all of them. Dr. Gundry teaches that all diseases stem from a leaky gut, and it’s urgent that we repair those leaks to stay healthy. When we eat lectin-heavy foods like bread, legumes, and even unpeeled veggies like improperly-prepped Cucumber, we dismantle the bonds in our digestive tract, and open […]

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The Importance Of Healthy Foods: bite-sized SCIENCE

Just in time Parents! Interested in knowing the science behind eating healthy foods? We launched a series of science lessons by our scientists called bite-sized SCIENCE designed for 6 yrs old – teens in high school to educate and provoke their interest in #STEM. There are a lot more lessons to come so tune in! #ScienceWillWin source

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